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Jetsom is a small business just like yours. We operate in Northern Virginia right alongside where we live, work, and play. We understand bottom-line, profit margins, and the importance even the smallest financial details when it comes to running a business. At Jetsom, we offer a solution to thinning profit margins and cluttered, stale warehouse and retail space. We specialize in liquidating overstock, whether it be new, refurbished, or used, we can find a market for your excess goods. 

What may be last year's trends here in NOVA will be the next big thing somewhere else in the world. Our team of market researchers and global sellers can locate which markets value your overstock and unused assets and facilitate the entire process to put more money into your bottom line and to free up your shelves and warehouse for new and exciting products for your local market place.

With Jetsom, there is no limit to the type of products we can sell. When we market to the entire world, everything has a value!  Please contact us for more information. 

  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Automation, Motors & Drives
  • Construction
  • Electrical & Test Equipment
  • Fuel & Energy
  • Healthcare, Lab & Life Science
  • Heavy Equipment & Attachments

  • Light Equipment & Tools
  • Manufacturing & Metalworking
  • MRO & Industrial Supply
  • Office
  • Packing & Shipping
  • Printing & Graphic Arts
  • Restaurant & Catering

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