Frequently Asked Questions

How does selling with Jetsom work?
Jetsom is the easy way to sell your things on eBay, Amazon, and a multitude of other e-commerce outlets. Jetsom sells your items on your behalf and you earn up to 80% of the sale price. The more valuable your items, the more money goes into your pocket. Learn More.

How do I get my things to Jetsom to sell?
Jetsom offers two simple options: You can bring your items to us, or we can come to you. Contact us today to discuss the best solution for you. We will get you scheduled for an appraisal and start earning you profit ASAP!

What sells well?
  • Electronics Smartphones, tablets, laptops (Remove any passwords)
  • Designer fashion New or like-new designer clothing, shoes, and bags.
  • Collectibles Superhero action figures, car models, LEGO, dolls
  • High-end kitchen appliances Blenders, mixers, juicers - especially brands like KitchenAid, Vitamix, and Breville
  • Sporting goods Golf clubs, camping gear
  • Musical instruments Guitars, trumpets, violins
  • And many more!  Contact us to see if we can sell your items

How does Jetsom price your items?
We research items across multiple ecommerce sales outlets such as eBay and Amazon looking at similar items that sold within the last 90 days, and price items according to this research. Items are for sale for up to 60 days. If your item doesn't sell, we reduce the price and relist it.

Can I track the sale of my items?
Once your items are listed, you'll get a confirmation email with a link to the listings. You can also access your account here and get live updates.

When do I get paid?
After the item sells we collect payment from the buyer, professionally pack your item, and then ship it to the buyer.  Once the transaction is complete, we send you a check.

How much will I make?
There is no upfront charge for listing your items, and you are not charged a fee if your item does not sell.  Generally, you can net anywhere from 55-80% depending on the final selling price of your item(s).  Jetsom also has special reduced fees for items such as vehicles, boats, and select other categories.